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C A S H E W  N U T  S H E L L  L I Q U I D (CNSL)


Cashew nut shell liquid is one of  the economical sources naturally occurring 

PHENOL. The Cashew nut  tree in India,  it grows widely along west coast 

and in southern region. CNSL is present to the the extent of 32% to 35% in 

the shell by weight. But due to commercial difficulty it is extracted to only

18% to 20%.CNSL  contains  52% cardanol , 10%  cardol  and  remaining 

polymeric material.The requirement of various characteristics for cashew nut

 shell liquid  laid down in Indian standards as follows:




Specific Gravity At 30oC 0.950-0.970
Colour Brown     
Viscosity   at 30oC in centipoises 550  Max.    
Moisture percent By weight    1% Max.
Matter insoluble in Toulene % by weight  2% Max.
Loss of weight on heating  % by weight  2%  Max.   
Ash percent by heating 2%  Max.
Iodine Value     (Wij's method)    250 Min.








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